Are You Beach Body Ready? YES!

Across London, advertisements were posted featuring a bronzed model and a question: Are you beach body ready?

The reaction has been loud and swift. With complaints of body shaming, Londoners have responded by defacing the signs with their own commentary.

Here are a few of my favorites:




Am I beach body ready? Yes. We all are. And it has nothing to do with size. Period.

The beach isn’t a privilege for women that are size two. Or for men with six packs. It’s for all of us to enjoy, and to imply otherwise is both ridiculous and potentially damaging.

Though the company behind the campaign is completely unapologetic (and claims 5,000 new customers have signed up in 4 days), it can easily be argued that fitness and nutrition products have a responsibility to avoid contributing to a culture of body shaming and insecurity. While campaigns like these may generate sales, it’s blood money.

Instead of emphasizing body size and further marginalizing individuals who might already feel insecure about the way they look, marketers ought to focus on health and well being. Rather than profiting off of insecurities, be part of the solution.

And that’s something that all of our bodies are definitely ready for.

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  1. Fadrick Paiva says:

    I do believe that beach body idea embraces the idea of getting laid. Seriously! I mean we are surrounded by ads and the ideology only ripped or photo models bodies are the only sexy and healthy. But we all do.not have them due to lack of time, responsibilities home, work, marriage et coetera. I have tried all the ways I have found to get huge/big or fucking ripped; unfortunately I wasn’t lucky, I didn’t reach my goals, got a little depressive. But I got my mind up and I have accepted who I am after/among all adversities and the even don’t possessing the beach body I got a peaceful mind and I am proud of what I am now. Want a beach body? Go to the beach. It’s public and no one has the duty to watch. Your ass. Be proud of loving yourselves. Nobody else will do it for you.