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4 Most Crucial Exercises of Davey Wavey’s Workout!

Barbell Curl 2_0In the world of fitness, not all exercises are created equally; some are exponentially more effective than others, assuming proper form and appropriate resistance. And as it turns out, there are four crucial exercises that form the backbone of my workout.
If you’re looking for a solid workout foundation, start here:

Barbell bench press.

Quite frankly, it’s not a chest day without bench pressing. Although you can do a similar chest press with dumbbells, the barbell allows you to work with more weight and get better results. Though the bench press works similar muscles as a push up, the ability to progressively increase resistance (i.e., add more weight) makes it more effective.

Barbell bicep curls.

Nothing works my arms like the barbell bicep curl. Similar to the bench press, using a barbell allows you to curl more weight than trying to balance dumbbells. Assuming proper form, more weight means better results. And even though you’ll need to include other exercises to work your triceps and forearms, barbell bicep curls are a great place to start.

Barbell squats.

Barbell squats are an awesome compound exercise that works your hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps and calves. In my opinion, there’s no single exercise that’s more effective for your lower body. While many people cut their squats short (it’s important to squat until your thighs are parallel with the floor), proper form produces great results - and it’s the best exercise for getting that bubble butt you’ve always wanted.

Dumbbell shoulder press.

When it comes to getting strong, broad shoulders, I’m a huge fan of the dumbbell shoulder press. Though I’ve experimented with the barbell shoulder press, I find the apparatus to be cumbersome and unavailable at most gyms. The dumbbell shoulder press does the trick.

Of course, lest we forget about abs, download my 5-part ab workout program for core-strengthening exercises that you can do at home. You can even enjoy one of the workouts free here.

What’s the most important exercise in your workout? Let me know in the comments below!

5 Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Workout!

Who says nothing good came out of the 90s?

In my (sometimes) humble opinion, life is about quality not quantity. I’d rather have 5 great friends than 500 so-so acquaintances.

The same goes for workouts.

Last year, my workout lasted a mind-blowing 2 hours. 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. No workout needs to last that long.

Through a little hard work and effort, I was able to decrease my workout routine by 30 minutes while simultaneously boosting its effectiveness. Of course, not everyone is willing to commit an hour and a half to exercise. I understand that. And chances are, unless you’re hoping to look like Marky Mark, you can achieve your goals with 30 - 60 minutes of exercise a few times a week.

Here’s how to make the most out of your routine:

  1. Turn up the intensity. I cut my cardio time in half by making it a whole lot harder. For me, that meant ditching the elliptical or long distance jogs for interval training. It feels like twice the exercise in half the time. Instead of being leisurely about your cardio, get ready to push yourself hard and SWEAT!
  2. Switch during rests. You’ve seen my workout routine. I like to combine muscle groups (i.e., forearms and back on the same day). Let’s say I’m doing a great back exercise. During my rest time, I’ll switch to the other muscle group and immediately do a forearm exercise. You can practically cut your strength training time in half with this simple tip.
  3. Exercise at the right time. You know when you have the most energy. For me, it’s early morning. If you can find a way to schedule your workouts at the time when your energy levels are highest, it will be easier to power through the workout and you’ll be less likely to daydream.
  4. Time your rests. If you do take true rests (instead of switching to another muscle group), time them! It’s easy for a 60 second rest to linger for 90 seconds. Watch the clock.
  5. Less time and heavier weights. If you’re looking to build muscle, this tip is crucial for you. Up the weight your are lifting and decrease the number of reps and sets. For example, I could easily curl 4 sets of 10 reps of 35 lbs. Instead, it’s more efficient (and much more in line with a goal of building bicep muscles) to do 2 or 3 sets of 6 - 8 reps of 45 or 50 lbs.

With these simple tips, you should be able to get the most bang for your workout buck. It’s yet another reason why everyone has time for fitness!

Do you have any tips for saving time at the gym? Share them in the comments below!