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How To Look Good Naked.

if-real-men-modelled-underwear_5The other day, I was walking down the street and saw a gym advertisement proclaiming: “Look good naked.”

As someone who has a line of fitness programs, I spend a lot of time thinking about messaging - and how I want to market my programs. I’ve made the personal decision not to pedal my programs based on fears or insecurities. Even my “six pack program” is positioned on the benefits of a strong core rather than aesthetics. All of us have enough insecurities; I don’t need to market my products in a way that feeds them.

Perhaps for these reasons, the concept of looking good naked stuck with me. What does looking good naked even mean?

I look good naked. And it’s not because my body is shaped a certain way, because I have a narrow waist or large pecs. I look good naked because we all do.

In a world that tells us otherwise, remember that each of us has the power to define what looking good or being beautiful really means. Discovering your own definition of beauty means taking cues not from the society around us but the heart within you. Looking good naked isn’t about a flat belly or a tight ass. It’s about recognizing your own value and honoring all that you bring to the table. And, as it turns out, you bring a lot to the table. We all do.

You don’t need a gym membership to look good naked. You don’t need to be a certain size or to lose weight. You are beautiful because it’s your birthright. And if you could - even for a moment - see yourself the way the universe, God, or your soul (or whatever label you use) sees you, you’d absolutely agree.

You look good naked.

Would Your Try NAKED Crossfit?

zugr7O5For the last month, I’ve been taking crossfit classes. More to come on that in a future post. But this week, I discovered a new branch of crossfit in which exercisers are naked.

The truth is, many crossfitters are already almost naked. It’s not uncommon to see shirtless men in compression shorts or women exercising in sports bras. And if you take a class, you’ll understand why. Crossfit is based on high intensity interval training and it makes you sweat in a way that you never thought possible. After each class, my clothes are soaked; maybe being naked just makes more sense.

Currently, the naked crossfit class is being offered in Denmark - and it currently has 12 male participants. Judging from the pictures, I think I’d probably find it a bit difficult to concentrate and stay focused. But when it comes to motivation, I’m pretty sure that I’d never miss a class. 😛

But what do you think? Would you try naked crossfit? Or are you mortified at the thought? Let me know in the comments below.