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Results are the Sum of Small Efforts…

Results are the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

When it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle or building a stronger body, the little things - repeated over and over again - tend to add up.

Thirty minutes at the gym, for example, is only thirty minutes at the gym. The effect is fairly negligible. But thirty minutes at the gym 4x per week for a year means 6,240 minutes of exercise. That’s huge. The sum total of all those “small” efforts can be pretty dramatic - or even transformational.

It’s helpful to think of your future body as a mosaic mural. It takes a lot of tiles to make a mural. In and of itself, each tile is insignificant. If the mural is missing a few tiles, no one will notice; the image will still be apparent. If the mural is missing a lot of tiles, then that’s a different story.

Each tiny tile is like a single workout, game of tennis, walk in the park or any other small effort. It’s okay to miss a few - but the key is to accumulate as many of those small efforts as you can.

Small efforts, repeated over and over again, lead to big results. It’s the most fundamental law of fitness, health and wellness. So get to the gym, get moving or eat something healthy. Do it today and do it again and again - day in and day out.