Results are the Sum of Small Efforts…

Results are the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

When it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle or building a stronger body, the little things - repeated over and over again - tend to add up.

Thirty minutes at the gym, for example, is only thirty minutes at the gym. The effect is fairly negligible. But thirty minutes at the gym 4x per week for a year means 6,240 minutes of exercise. That’s huge. The sum total of all those “small” efforts can be pretty dramatic - or even transformational.

It’s helpful to think of your future body as a mosaic mural. It takes a lot of tiles to make a mural. In and of itself, each tile is insignificant. If the mural is missing a few tiles, no one will notice; the image will still be apparent. If the mural is missing a lot of tiles, then that’s a different story.

Each tiny tile is like a single workout, game of tennis, walk in the park or any other small effort. It’s okay to miss a few - but the key is to accumulate as many of those small efforts as you can.

Small efforts, repeated over and over again, lead to big results. It’s the most fundamental law of fitness, health and wellness. So get to the gym, get moving or eat something healthy. Do it today and do it again and again - day in and day out.

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  1. Iam a perfect example of too much at once. This beautifully done blog describes the body being developed slowly and carefully. I did at least 40 pushups after not doing any for several weeks at least. I can’t even bend my arm past a 90 degree angle. Rub A535 really helped me, but iam still limited in mobility. I love my developing pecks, iam going to keep it up, but iam wondering how much i should do, and i know i havent worked out anywhere else, too. You have to work out the entire torso, with a gentle warmup and cool down. This was my mistake, building into heavy cardio without warmup or stretch. The new standards of health, due to the 40% obesity rate is now 60 minutes of cardio a day. This can be done by walking 30 blocks or dancing for a lesser amount of time (i think its like 500 calories an hour or more correct me if iam wrong.) Do u think you can get a good workout using gravity alone or do u need to eventually increase the weight, by going to the gym? Should i workout if iam so sore i can’t move? I know this is a buildup of lactic acid inflamming the muscles, so what is the best way to break it up?

    • and by tiles do u mean u need to balance the muscle development on both sides? iam missing my tiles on the right side, hopefully they dont develope all weird, can u mess up your muscles? How do u create an even development?

  2. Whenever reading about loosing weight/getting in shape people always told me the three key points: Cardio, Weight Trainning and Healthy Eating.

    Over the past year or so of reading this blog Ive learned that there should be two other key points: Education and most imporntantly, Time! Too many times did I expect results too quickly and gave up. This time I decided for a lifestyle change and gave myself a whole year and half to look and feel better and it worked. Yep there were many stumbling points but I just kept trying. Anything in life thats worth doing, takes time.

    • lol i love the saying “Anything in life thats worth doing, takes time.” its so great lol, just takes a short time to ruin it though, i soon found out, i just love putting things in my mouth 😛 LOL still, just keep going, as one does

  3. Exercise or workout is the effective way to become a healthy and it can slight exercise like walking in the park, 2 rounds of push ups everyday after you wake up in the morning etc.. But I rather go to the gym 2 to 3 times a weeks and when you are doing your workouts, don’t forget to eat more proteins and healthy foods.

  4. One can also increase their “None exercise activity”, like parking your car really far away from the front door to the shopping mall, taking the stairs, not the elevator, I like to use a walk up ATM instead of a drive up ATM etc.. This type of behavior will help add on to ones exercise goals little by little every day.

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