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An Open Letter to Hot Straight Men at the Gym.

hot-gym-guy-liveliketomDear Straight Men,

I’m a gay guy. And because it’s basically a statistical certainty, there are probably other gay men like myself at your gym. We use the same weights, the same treadmills and, yes, even the same showers.

The truth is, I’m really not attracted to most of you. Just because I like men doesn’t mean that I like all men, and most straight guys are actually quite repulsive. No offense.

But every now and then, on a very rare occasion, a cute straight guy might catch my attention. I’m pretty good at not staring, but I might give him a quick glance or a one over. If I see him in the locker room, I just might muster up the courage to check him out shirtless.

Of course, most straight guys don’t care if a gay man checks them out at the gym. In fact, many might find it flattering. But there is a small but vocal minority of straight men that are deeply offended by a gay dude checking them out. These straight guys find it disgusting or upsetting or in poor taste.

To these deeply offended straight men, I would like to offer you a deal. This deal is being offered on behalf of myself and all gay men everywhere. We will stop checking you out. No glances. No looks. Nothing. Here’s the catch: That is, if you agree to stop checking out women. That’s right. We will stop if you agree to stop doing the very same thing to the women around you.

Because some women find your staring to be disgusting, upsetting and in poor taste.

Whether she’s doing a squat, running on the treadmill or stretching her legs, we won’t look at you if, and only if, you don’t look at her.

Fair is fair.

Davey Wavey & Gay Men

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