5 Fitness Mistakes Gay Guys Make…

gay men gym working outNone of us are perfect. Not even gay guys. 😛

In my experience, there are a few mistakes that gay men, in particular, tend to make when it comes to the gym, fitness or nutrition. And before anyone throws a temper tantrum in the comments below, these mistakes are obviously total generalizations and don’t apply to all gay men everywhere.

So without further ado, these are the mistakes that gay men tend to make:

  1. Sleeping where they lift. Because a good hookup is easier to find than a good gym, don’t sleep where you lift. Unless you really don’t mind seeing a parade of one night stands each and every workout, source your sex life elsewhere. That is, of course, unless he’s worth switching gyms for.
  2. Skipping leg day. Though applicable to gay men in particular, it’s my humble opinion that leg and glute muscles don’t get enough loving from men of any sexual orientation. Because biceps and chest muscles are flashier, they receive a disproportionate amount of training. Beyond the aesthetics of a balanced physique with strong leg muscles and glutes, having a strong lower body provides benefits including improved performance and decreased injury risk.
  3. Not eating carbs. Somewhere at some point, people got the idea that carbohydrates are a bad thing. And for some gay men, a bread basket might as well be the Apocalypse. In reality, our bodies need carbohydrates to function properly; eliminating carbohydrates isn’t a smart idea. Instead, focus on cutting simple carbs (like those found in sodas, sugary drinks, white bread, pastries, etc.) in favor of complex carbohydrates like brown rice and whole wheat products.
  4. Hiring the “hot” trainer. How your trainer looks is less important than how he or she teaches. Sure, eye candy is enjoyable but it’s the connection that matters. You need a trainer that works will with you, and that helps you achieve your fitness goals. How he or she looks isn’t a factor in getting you from point A to point B.
  5. Starving yourself before bottoming. I’ve heard many gay men say that they starve themselves before bottoming in hopes of achieving “cleaner” intercourse. To them I say, no man is worth your health. And that communication, respect, patience and understanding are all far more important to being a good partner than unrealistic anal expectations.

We all make mistakes, but it’s through our mistakes that we are able to learn and grow. So if you’ve experienced any of the above, consider today an opportunity to evolve.

What other workout or nutrition mistakes do you see gay men make? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I head no idea that starving myself to Bottom was in my work out schedule. Do you actually consider that a fitness mistake. You lost me.

    • I wouldn’t consider it a Fitness mistake, rather 3 & 5 are more of a Diet mistake. Like any health advice, starving yourself just to avoid making a bowl movement is not a good idea. Instead a simple enema is all that’s needed to keep things clean anyway.
      And there’s also CONDOMS that keep icky things off of you in the event LIFE happens.
      Since we’re ALL USING CONDOMS….RIGHT??

    • Your fitness regime should encompass all your meals and yes that involves planning for bottoming, I think it’s better to douche when needed.

  2. Thank you Davey for giving good advice, it really helps me to have good physique but to also have good perspective outlook in life 🙂

  3. You don’t need to eat more than 100g of carbs to gain muscle, You should concentrate on making sure that you eat enough protein. Telling people to eat carb to gain muscle is not going to help, they are going to feast on pasta and bread and that’s not going to help.

    • Carbs are good for a work out …. Protein n the other hand can be very bad for your body… If your a athlete/bodybuilder then yes you need a lot. For us average gym goers 3-4 times aweek we need 20g of protein a day to sustain a good work out and to improve on ones body. Anymore will result in kidney stones eventually as your body can’t process it.

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  5. Ill remember this tips :

    Sleeping where they lift. Skipping leg day. Not eating carbs. Hiring the “hot” trainer. Starving yourself before bottoming.

  6. Hello Guys I am a gay Bottom and I have this nightmare of one day while fucking poop might come out and it scares me to death
    so I stopped doing sex, every time I clean my butt I feel that something is still stuck in there and when I do the Enema douche, just few seconds and minutes and I go to the WC to empty myself again all in vain because shit is still stuck help me please, I want to get laid again

  7. Dexter Nightingale says:

    I know i can search it up but i wanna hear it from a ‘real’ experience

    what actually happens if you don’t consume enough carbs long enough?
    or no carbs for that matter? for me , i got sick and i was really really weak because i depraved myself of carbs for a whole 7 days .

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