7 Best Tips & Tricks for Runners!

Lycra shorts and pants aren't just sexy - they're functional, too! They can help prevent chaffing for avid runners.

No trip the gym feels complete without a good run (and subsequent sweat) on the treadmill. I’ve been running for more than a decade - in fact, I first started running for my high school’s indoor track team - and I’ve learned a few tips from coaches and experts along the way.

Here are 7 of my absolute favorite running tips and tricks:

  1. Reduce stiffness. Feelings of tightness are common for runners, but a simple warmup strategy can help reduce stiffness. I jog for 3 minutes before my run; the jog heats up my muscles. Muscles stretch best when they’re warmed up - so immediately following my jog, I engage in some stretching. Then, I’m ready for my run!
  2. Eliminate blisters. Blisters are likely the result of loose shoes or bad socks. Ensure that your sneakers fit tightly and that the laces go through every eyelet. If your heel is moving inside the sneaker, then the sneaker is too loose. Moreover, make use of a running-specific sock. My favorite is Lululemon’s Ultimate Running Sock. They are anatomically constructed, moisture-wicking and don’t bunch up or slip while running.
  3. Boosting motivation. Experts often recommend creating a public goal to help boost your motivation and increase your accountability. If you announce to friends and family on Facebook, for example, that you’ll be running a 5k in 2-months, then it may help get you moving a little more often. Take it a step further and invite other people to join you at the 5k. Shorter term, a good playlist or workout buddy can help, too.
  4. Prevent joint pain. Many things can contribute to joint paint - but the easiest way to reduce your risk is to replace your running sneakers regularly. Running sneakers typically last 400 - 500 miles (use this formula to calculate how long your sneakers will last). When you buy a new pair of sneakers, use a magic marker to write the anticipated expiration date on the inside of the shoe.
  5. Stop chaffing. Many runners experience chaffing of the inner thighs due to the friction of skin-on-skin contact. To reduce chaffing, you can make use of any number of creams or powders. Even using petroleum jelly can help. If the problem persists, it may be worthwhile to invest in a pair of lycra or spandex shorts or pants to wear under your running clothes.
  6. Breathe properly. Most experts recommend a breathing rhythm of 3:2 wherein the runner inhales for three footstrikes and exhales for two. An easy way to remember this technique is to breathe along the five-syllable mantra, “I’m get-ting strong-er.”
  7. Catch your breath. Speaking of breath, if you’re having trouble breathing or catching your breath, simply slow down. You’re going too fast. Slower and steady wins the race; it’s never a good idea to start a longer run with an unsustainable sprint. Over time, you’ll build up your endurance and speed.

Those are my 7 best and favorite tips for runners - but please share your own in the comments below!

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    1. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!!! This is one thing that newer runners forget about. You need to drink more water than you think is possible. Your urine needs to be clear at least a week prior to any major run. Also eating properly as well. Your body needs proper energy foods, pasta, bread, chicken etc.

    2. One item that we should add for #3 is to join a running club. The GLBT folks (and friends of GLBT folks) who read your blog can look up their closest chapter of International Front Runners, a informal collective of running clubs, most of which have predominantly gay members. Quite honestly, any running club will do as long as you find people in it who will take an interest in furthering your running ability.

    3. PLAN::If I don’t have a route set-up that has “pit stops” for the restroom or sights then things get a little hairy. So I like to plan my route that I run. Most of the time it’s in a park or a hiking trail. But even the time of day with change my route based on how many people are out. So have a good plan and now that it’s summer….SUNSCREEN!!!!!

    4. To prevent blisters and chaffing, an awesome product is Body Glide. I know its name sounds like it could be used for activities more fun than running but it is a must-have for long-distance running. It comes in a containers like a stick deodorant and just a swipe on your feet before you put on socks helps to stop blisters in their tracks…and just apply it anywhere else you tend to experience chaffing…sometimes that include VERY sensitive areas so you might want to keep two sticks on hand — one for more benign parts and another for the nastier 🙂

    5. Side cramps: I used to get these bad, someone told me it was because I was building up too much air. Once they told me that I started exhaling fully, and REALLY blowing out when I exhaled to ensure my lungs were completely empty. I never got the side craps again.

    6. Hey davey you have a hot rear :o)

    7. Hey Davey,

      I’ve been trying to take up running as Cross-training, as I know its an awesome way to get in better shape. However the outsides of my calves quickly become SUPER tight and burn to the point I have to stop.

      Is this normal? I do other sports (Roller derby!) and have no problems there. I’ve heard lots of advice - Is it something I should just push through or is there something else I can change? (footwear?)

      Thanks! 🙂

      • Joshua Delaney says:

        I used to get the same thing. You need to get a better pair of shoes. They have different types of shoes for different types of running and different types of feet. I researched a pair for normal arch and running on dirt tails and pavement. Mizuno Wave Creation 12, this shoe is fantastic, I haven’t had much pain since I got them a few months ago.

        The 12’s are a little pricey, but Mizuno does have other types of Wave Creation.

        Also, stretch stretch stretch. I stretch my calves for about 5 minutes before each run, and about the same time after the run. Also through out the day it doesn’t hurt to do a little stretching.

    8. I might not be soo experienced to suggest or advice but ill be there vry soon … sooo plzzz ample of advices needed for my run to success