Davey’s Skin Secret Happens at the Gym!

And the secret to good skin is.... sweat!

Believe it or not, of all the things in the world, I get a lot of emails about my skin. Most often, people ask me what products I use to maintain such a clear, glowing and acne-free complexion.

I have never used a skin or acne product. Just water and sometimes regular soap. The secret, though, is what happens at the gym.

I make it a point to sweat. A lot. By the time I’m done with a set of intervals or a 5k, I’ve really pushed my body to its limits. I’m drenched in sweat. I run fast and hard; my heart races and my sweat glands are activated for natural cooling of the body. But sweat does more than cool the body. It has a deep cleansing effect on skin.

The reality is that sweat can be your skin’s best friend. When sweat emerges from your pores, it acts a bit like a river washing away everything that gets in its way as it reaches the surface. That includes dead skin cells which can clog up your pores or that can prevent your new skin cells from developing properly.

And here’s a strange and disgusting sweat fact: The smell associated with sweat isn’t actually the sweat itself. It’s the bacteria in your skin that the sweat flushes out.

So sweat does more than cool the body and burn calories - it leaves your skin fresh, clean and rejuvenated. Yet another reason to hit the gym.

You have 2 million sweat glands. Use them.

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  1. Then why have I broken out like crazy since I have been working out?

    • Maybe you are getting the initial crap and bacteria out of your face and it’s causing the reaction. Also, make sure you shower after to wash it away.

  2. Then why have I broken out like crazy since I have started working out?

    • This is easily explained. If you just started working out then you are getting rid of the toxins in your body and skin. You also do have to make sure that you’re using a clean towel and washing away any additional bacteria. It’s your body’s way of dispelling what shouldnt be there.

      I often break out on my back when I’m in a major workout mode. Has to do with my hair product dripping.

    • Sean, also don’t forget that not everyone’s body chemistry is the same. Genetics also plays a big part.
      But I believe Davey’s sweating theory.

  3. Just make sure you take a shower after every workout, to clean all the bacteria off your skin, or else all that sweat was in vane.

    • Well my hygiene is not in question here. I am very clean. I just have “sweat bumps” on my forehead and it is annoying.

      • i get those sweat bums in my arm pits when its summer and i sweat a lot. the doctor said that i over produce skin cells under my arm pits and that expholiating is the only way to get rid of them.. in the shower is the best cause the skin is moister and softer. btw its genetic.

        side note it may also cause skin tags in old age … not uncommon in australia (tropics) where everyone sweats A LOT.

  4. Hey.. It’s a good new for me =) I sweat a lot even i run not too fast ^^

  5. Mark Halley says:

    Wow, I had no idea it’s actually cleaning the body… Thanks for the tip - guess I should work out more often!

  6. @Sean I used to have the same problem when I would do my cardio before I lifted weights, but since I’ve moved the cardio to the end of my workout, the problem cleared up. I think that when the sweat pours out, that’s a good thing, but when it sits afterwards, that’s bad. If you’re already doing your cardio at the end, well, I’m not sure what to suggest beyond getting to a shower or sink faster or more frequently during your workout. Good luck!

  7. wow, is that all you do, that is so hot, and you look gorgeous and sexy.

  8. and you are really really cute

  9. yep.. Davey is really really really cute.. come to Brazil Davey *____*

  10. This makes sense! Alot of sense actually.
    Sweat to the max so it acts like a ‘river’ and in hand cleans your pores out.

    My skin has always been very nice, But theres always room for improvement yes?

  11. Another tip to go along with this point is if you can sweat a lot and then get your pores to close up quickly afterwards, it helps keep the bacteria/dirt/etc. out of them. I never had any acne problems as a teen, and I chalk that up to taking saunas regularly. My family had a traditional one that we would heat up to 100F and then sit in it to sweat it out. After a good sweat we’d go outside, and the shock of the cold would helped close up our pores to help keep them clean. When my cousin would visit, who did have acne issues, he would have clear skin in a week or so, after regular saunas every night.

  12. i’m 12 and have some spots is it bad for some one my age
    to do regular exercise

  13. Great post, Davey.

    Random Q - have you ever had blemishes or challenges with your skin?

    I feel like some of us are genetically pre-disposed to break-outs despite fleshing out toxins our at least 5 days a week at the gym. I definitely see an improvement, but I’m still looking for the glow that you boast.

    I know that exercising, eating correctly, and feeling right all contribute to it, but I was just curious =)


  14. Will Noiles says:

    If sweating a lot leads to clear skin, I should have the clearest skin in town. I’m an individual who naturally sweats profusely, but I’m also an individual cursed with bad skin. Genetics was my enemy here. My mother is now in mid 60s and still has acne flare ups. I face the same problem. As a teen, I was at the dermatologist’s office on a bi-monthly basis and was on one drug or another from about 12 until my early 20s.
    It didn’t matter how much I worked out or whether I showered right after or took regular saunas; the result was the same. One of the first things the dermatologist helped me with was by dispelling all the myths out there. I’m afraid Davey has, unintentionally, added to the list.

  15. going to the gym should be good to the skin????
    i don’t think so, coz i doit regularly going to the gym! nothing happens coz my skin still the same. the gym uses for workout….

  16. Hey love all your stuff, found you on you tube, very entertaining, you seem to be involved in everything if only ther were more of you in the world! or my bed lol!

    Keep up the good work

  17. Haha I actually heard about this two days ago in class

  18. I’ve had moderate acne for 8 years now and nothing seems to work exceptionally well! I do run daily and use benzyl peroxide..
    ugh…… genes………

  19. RockinRobbie says:

    I think your great looking skin also has a lot to do with your age? (Unless you’re over 40, then you look fabulous!) Are there any bodybuilding workout plans on this site? (Like how many sets/reps/exercises)

  20. Maybe you could edit the blog subject Davey’s Skin Secret Happens at the Gym! | Davey Wavey Fitness to something more generic for your blog post you write. I loved the blog post yet.

  21. Couldn’t agree more Davey, My skin is really sensitive in general, but when I started to do intense cardio, it became clear gradually. I always wondered why, this explains a lot 🙂

  22. I do Bikram once to twice a week depending how I feel. I generally have good skin apart from my legs. I get heat rash badly on them and big lumpy unpussy spots after bikram class. I’ve been doing it for two years and it’s always the same so I’ve come to two conclusions:

    1: I’m heat senitive on my legs more so than elsewhere

    2: I don’t scrub/exfoliate enough, which I find hard to believe as I always use a body polisher thingy when showering and I do straight after any excercise and every morning.

    3: I am allergic to the shower gel in the studio; so I have started providing my oen hypoallergenic stuff.

    Otherwise I like my skin; I don’t suppose many will see my upper thighs as much as my face and arms anyway!

  23. I am 53 and everyone always asks me what I do to maintain my skin. I tell them exactly what Davey says. Soap and water and exercise. Absolutely nothing replaces it. So take it from an older chick. It does work. I am retired and I still get up at the same time every morning and do my routine. It keeps me energized and ready for the day.

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  25. I’ve recently started working out daily for the past 2 weeks after being sedentary all year. I wasn’t sure if it was my change in diet or exercise, but I’m seeing a dramatic difference in my skin. Prior to this, I was using face scrubs or foaming acne cleansers everyday just to keep it looking somewhat normal. Now I’m not using any of that stuff, just sweating my ass off everyday and my skin feels great!

  26. Dustin-Allen says:

    SWEATING ISN’T GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN! Yes, sweat flushes out all the bad stuff “toxins” however it acts as a harsh astringent on the skin esp the face. If the sweat stays on the skin too long or dries on the surface its even worst-clogging pores, causing dry skin, reddness, and break outs. You must wash your face as soon as your workout is finished and always use a clean towl to wipe your face while working out. Shower as soon as you can, and always drink lots of water before, during, and after your workout to replace H20 lost to prevent cracking, inchy dry skin later. After you get home and your face is clean, and cooled down, use a light amount of moisturizer on the face, and a heavier moisturizing cream on the rest of the body. Sweat yes! but stay clean!

  27. The fact is sweating is good for keeping skin moisturized, but as someone who has suffered from acne all my life…not too bad, jus a zit here and there, I can tell you it’s lifestyle choices that cause a lot of it. Sweat will get the toxins out, but if you don’t shower and clean all that crap off you will do urself an injustice. Still, the majority of the time, mine start underneath the surface, way underneath, and I find when I exercise and eat right and don’t party, they’re frequency of showing up is greatly reduced. Im an adult still battling with it, so really, like creating a perfect body, A LOT is genetics. It’s what you do with those genetics that count…

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