Does Sweating More Burn More Calories?

Young athletic man taking a break during a challenging jogging outdoorLet’s talk about sweat. Steamy, hot, dripping sweat.

In fact, even as I write this blog post, I’m still sweating from my morning workout - so the topic seems more than appropriate.

Sweating is a glorious thing and it’s my secret to a clear complexion. But there’s a popular myth that sweating more means more calories burned. It’s simply untrue.

In reality, the intensity of your workout (and not the amount you sweat) determines calories burned. Sure, you may sweat more at higher levels of intensity, but sweating is largely influenced by other factors including clothing, outside temperature, body weight, genetics, diet, medications and even hormone levels.

Simply put, sweat is really just your body’s way of getting rid of heat. It isn’t necessarily an indication of workout intensity and the amount of calories or fat that you’re burning.

Some people exercise while wearing plastic “weight loss” suits during hot weather to increase sweat output. And while these suits do increase perspiration and thus result in immediate weight loss, it’s all water weight - and not the result of fat being burned. Moreover, it’s an unhealthy practice that can result in heat exhaustion.

There are few things as satisfying as a workout that leaves you dripping in sweat. But if you really want to lose weight through exercise, focus on the intensity of your workout and a calorie deficit rather than the amount of sweat that you’re producing.

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  1. I always sweat like an ox during work-outs and if I compare myself to those dry weight-lifting jocks, I find that I at least look like I’m doing something. No offense meant 😛

  2. I’ve been told that sweating also helps “flush” away the toxins in our body which somehow in turn contributes to weight loss. Hence why people sit in saunas after workouts.
    Is THIS true?

  3. someone once told me that swimming doesnt burn calories because you dont sweat. i was like -facepalm-

  4. I find it funny when persons who sweat a lot compare their workout or output to those who are not dripping wet. personally, I do high intensity workouts, plus lifting, I sweat more while lifting, than during my HIIT workouts, although, after wards is when the sweat comes rolling on, when I am not at the gym.
    I do look at those who are sweating bucket as gross slobs. To me, it looks like their bodies have never done any physical work and now they are attempting it, they are struggling. In my head, I know this to be false, but the thoughts do come, though I do not judge.

  5. Thank you for clearing that up! I just can’t seem to sweat no matter how much energy I put in my workouts! I used to wear thick sweaters and sweat pants just to get myself to to sweat but I’ve come to agree with this article that it really just depends on the person, and that fat loss doesn’t really have anything to do with how much one sweats!!