Healthy Energy Bar [Recipe]

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 9.42.45 AMI just got back from a visit to Kalani on the Big Island of Hawaii, and they were nice enough to share their healthy Honu Energy Bar recipe with all of you! I’m absolutely addicted and I think you will be, too.

Check out the video below!

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  1. Carlo Guadarrama says:

    Damm man those really looked freaking delicious and her/him compared to you your the fucking man for show the realest easiest and fastest way for making brownies certified brownies are better then sloppy ones thanks for the share man.

  2. I’m allergic to chocolate. What can I do instead?

  3. Carob is a chocolate substitute, it’s caffeine free, but still tastes delicious. You can get it in either powder form, or in a bar, to eat like chocolate. My mom was allergic to chocolate as well, and as kids we ate a lot of carob. Carob powder is actually what the recipe calls for, so you won’t even need to tweak the recipe!
    Hope that helps.
    P.S Thanks Davy, the bars look delicious, and I will try them soon!

  4. those look so amazing but unfortunately I will never get to make or try one since my partner has a nut allergy and as respect for them I have cut nuts out of my diet *pouty face*

  5. Loved the video and I think this is a great recipe. Hope to try it when I have all the ingredients at hand.