How to Get V-Line Abs.

Hey Davey,

I was wondering: How do you get those sexy v-line abs?


Hey Andrew,

That’s a popular question - and I’m glad you asked. Getting a v-cut does require some serious commitment, but there’s no magic to it.

Obtaining v-line abs isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight, and it requires two basic steps. Much like getting lower back dimples, the cuts that make v-lines pop are only visible with a low body fat percentage. Even a thin layer of fat will prevent your v-lines from showing through. The second step involves specifically targeting your lower abdomen muscles during your workouts.

Let’s walk through the two steps in greater detail.

  1. Decrease body fat percentages to the 6% - 13% range for men (and 14% - 20% for women). My body fat percentage, for example, is 8%. And while that doesn’t sound too astounding, body fat percentages in these lower ranges often require hard work and dedication. These are the levels of fat you’d find in elite athletes. There are some formulas that you can use to calculate your body fat - but I’d recommend working with a trainer or professional to determine your starting point.

    One of the most effective ways to decrease fat is by engaging in a high intensity interval training program. As you alternate between intervals of high and medium intensity, you’ll push your metabolism into high gear - and incinerate calories long after your workout ends.

  2. Build lower ab muscles. While obtaining a low body fat percentage is crucial, you’ll obviously need to develop your abdominal muscles - and lower abs, in particular - to achieve the full effect. I created this lower ab workout on YouTube for people who exercise at home:

    If you you have access to a fitness center or gym equipment, try sets of hanging leg raises. Hang from a bar, and lift your straightened legs so that the body folds in half. For a variation, bend your knees and include a twist. Twist on one side, then repeat the exercise by twisting on the other. Be powerful and explosive in your movements.

By both lowering your body fat percentage and developing your lower abdomen muscles, you’ll get the all-elusive v-cut that drives so many of us wild.


About Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey is a certified personal trainer and YouTube sensation with more than 250 million video views. For Davey's fitness tips and secrets, sign up for his free monthly newsletter - or download any of his affordable and effective workout programs.


  1. Mage of Pride says:


    Will that 15mins a day workout thing work as well (to get that v-line abs)??


  2. Swim! That’s what I did! 🙂

    • I am 15 years old and I have been swimming my whole life competing in many sprints. I train for 3 hours a day and have been for the past 8 years. It gets you jacked. I have 6% body fat and I’m completely healthy. When I was 12 I had a perfect V line. I’m 15 now and I still got. Swimming will help you lose body fat and get your upper body jacked. It’s also the safest way to. Just eat lots of green and protein.

  3. thats what i do swim alot…

  4. Davey, you make it look so easy in your video!

  5. I started to see my V, when I added spiderman pushups to my routine (which contained some of the above). And I was on a strict diet 🙁

  6. From what I’ve read (please correct me if I’m wrong), Davey works out 6x per week, 90 minutes a day. If you want a body like Davey, that’s what you need to put in!

  7. how many times a week should you do the lower abs workout? and how long would it take to see improvements?

    • I do my abs 5times a week abd you’ll se improvement soon

      • Is doing your abs that enough optimal? Shouldn’t I give them a longer recuperation period? Wouldn’t every other day be better than 5 times a week?

        • You’re abs are the one muscle you can work everyday without over training them so there is no need for recuperation time

    • I do them twice a day and after 2 weeks it starts to show up

  8. i have just started to do your work out when will i start to see my v lines i do the 5 min lower abs work out every day and i swim once a week for 1 hour?

    • Nobody can tell you how long its going too take, if you ate 10000 calories a day and did this 20times a day you still wouldnt see them, key is diet so as long as your burning more calories than your taking in you’ll loose fat and they will eventually become more visible.

    • Before you start to build any noticable muscle when starting a new exercise you first have to develop inter- and intra-muscular coordination. This takes around 6-8 weeks. Until then you wont seen any major changes in physique. However after that 6-8 week period your muscles should start to rapidly grow depending on your training intensity.

  9. Omg that was hell haha I couldn’t do it all

  10. It’s look bit hard but I trying do the best

  11. I workout 5 times a week (cardio & weights) but when it comes to my abs I am extremely lazy! I want something that isn’t going to take much longer than 15 minutes as I would just die!! Do you have any suggestions on how to tone hips but to keep all my curves?? Thanks mwaaaaah x

  12. Personally I’ve started doing this thing and it started to notice about 6 weeks later. I must confess I did not train every day. But it is achievable

  13. Totally wasn’t used to working out besides some planks and push-ups, (really simple easy stuff) but I was so dedicated to this. Threw up about halfway through, came back kept on going… Yay!

  14. ben jenkins says:

    im 13 wanting abs i have got them but there not really noticeable until i tence i asked what comes next after you got abs and people said v lines this will help with both thanks >.<

  15. Those kicks to the sky are killers lol

  16. Someone-you-dont-know says:

    hehe, at 2:13 he farts

  17. so i just started doing this workout and was wondering how long it can take to notice results?

  18. im 15 years old and i weigh 150 or 140 and how long will it take to get this v line on you by 1 day

    • my bad my name is gerrick and i am a girl and im 15 years old and i weigh about 150/140 and was just wondering how long will it take to get a vline either started or notice on 1 day

      • There is no possible way to get your v line to show in 1 day you’ll be lucky for it to show in a month

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    • Woah… Before taking ANY kind of weight loss pill, how about looking at your diet, and excersise regime first! I can tell you now, if you think abs (v lines) will come from a magic pill you are delusional! I started at a muscular 210 and now I’m down to a lean still muscular 190 and my abs and v lines are just about visible! I tweaked my diet and worked off of visual results! And I would under no circumstances reccomend any weight loss pill for anyone under the age of 18.. The side effects of some of them can be pretty brutal!

      1.get a gym membership
      2.identify your body type (ectomorph,endomorph,mesomorph)
      Adjust diet according for weight loss(YouTube helps)
      3.start now!!! Work your fucking ass off in the gym!

      See results, end of!

      • like i said im a girl 15 and i only weigh about 140/150 how long will it take to get v lines abs and on 1 day will there be results and what machines do i use to get those v lines abs started

  20. what do you do if working them out like that always makes them soar for days and you cant really do much while they are soar?

  21. IM 16 years old wanted V lines n after doing this 3 times i could already see improvements

  22. Raul steed says:

    I want the v lines and more formed abbs!! I run track, play basket ball and soccer year round! How can I get that ion around 2 months?

  23. Raul steed says:

    I want the v lines and more formed abbs!! I run track, play basket ball and soccer year round! How can I get that ion around 2 months? Any suggestions

  24. I’m 15, have a 6 pack, pecs, and I have a V-line… But my v-line doesn’t really pop, it’s there and noticeable, but doent pop to much. Any idea on how long it’ll take to really get them so people will notice more easily?

  25. I’m 13 and trying to get abs I’m pretty skinny but not real muscular any suggestions in what I could do!

    • I’m 14 and I have nice abs and a decent V-line, (at least in my perspective) though it doesn’t really pop out, and I’ve noticed my some of my girl friends don’t seem to think I have the best abs or V-line. Anybody know how long it would take to actually improve on them?

    • Dude you should get more protein and safe amount of carbohydrates, some body fat. Beside that is walking\running, and lifting stuff which you can find anywhere in the internet. Swimming is great for your cardio, breathing, muscles and shape.

  26. I do this when I get out of the shower and once before I go to bed. I’ve been keeping this going for about 8 days and I’m already starting to see improvment on my abs.

  27. I am 16 years old and let’s say I am skinny I weight around 110-120 so it’s hard for me to get abs fast and the V-line . Any ideas guys?

  28. cameron senior says:

    I’m a 8th grader and I like a junior in high school and she loves abs and v lines so I want to get v lines before she graduates and that next school year any ways to get faster abs and v lines it would really help

    if you want your damn abs have some commitment and do something

  30. Well, um, I’m 15, I can kind of see my v lines, however I don’t to any sports and I eat pretty much whatever… and my body fat is at 9%, I don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s working. And yes, I’m a gamer, as surprising as this may sound

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  32. I’m 33 i hit the gym 5 days a week and eat right with a deficit , my question is what’s the best work out for this for some one with low back injuries

  33. I’m 14 and I’ve been doing this workout every other day for 10 months. What can I say, I’ve cut down my body fat and I look ripped. Thanks!

  34. Charlie says:

    Hey, how do u breathe because I’m having trouble breathing when I’m doing it and it makes it harder for me.

  35. Just wondering, are you gay?

  36. Kian smith says:

    I have bad back pains when i do this any help?

  37. Im 15 and weigh 153 pounds. I have a six pack already and a v line. I really want to define me v line more. How long would it take to make it more noticeable than it already is?

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