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How to Get V-Line Abs.

Hey Davey,

I was wondering: How do you get those sexy v-line abs?


Hey Andrew,

That’s a popular question - and I’m glad you asked. Getting a v-cut does require some serious commitment, but there’s no magic to it.

Obtaining v-line abs isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight, and it requires two basic steps. Much like getting lower back dimples, the cuts that make v-lines pop are only visible with a low body fat percentage. Even a thin layer of fat will prevent your v-lines from showing through. The second step involves specifically targeting your lower abdomen muscles during your workouts.

Let’s walk through the two steps in greater detail.

  1. Decrease body fat percentages to the 6% - 13% range for men (and 14% - 20% for women). My body fat percentage, for example, is 8%. And while that doesn’t sound too astounding, body fat percentages in these lower ranges often require hard work and dedication. These are the levels of fat you’d find in elite athletes. There are some formulas that you can use to calculate your body fat - but I’d recommend working with a trainer or professional to determine your starting point.

    One of the most effective ways to decrease fat is by engaging in a high intensity interval training program. As you alternate between intervals of high and medium intensity, you’ll push your metabolism into high gear - and incinerate calories long after your workout ends.

  2. Build lower ab muscles. While obtaining a low body fat percentage is crucial, you’ll obviously need to develop your abdominal muscles - and lower abs, in particular - to achieve the full effect. I created this lower ab workout on YouTube for people who exercise at home:

    If you you have access to a fitness center or gym equipment, try sets of hanging leg raises. Hang from a bar, and lift your straightened legs so that the body folds in half. For a variation, bend your knees and include a twist. Twist on one side, then repeat the exercise by twisting on the other. Be powerful and explosive in your movements.

By both lowering your body fat percentage and developing your lower abdomen muscles, you’ll get the all-elusive v-cut that drives so many of us wild.


How to Get V Cut Abs.

Dear Davey,

What is the best way to get that “V” formation in the navel area? How can I most effectively work that muscle? Thanks.


Hey Jake!

Whether you’re a guy or girl, the so-called v cut is one of the more desired fitness aesthetics. Sometimes called a money maker (no joke), it’s the v-shaped cut in the lower abdominal/pubic region that starts from the obliques and funnels downward toward the groin.

First things first, the v cut is purely aesthetic. As sexy as it is, it isn’t a necessity for general health or physical performance.

Having said that, the formation is caused by a number of oblique and abdominal muscles made visible through a low percentage of body fat. And yes, genetics do play a factor; some people are able to achieve the look with little effort. For the rest of us, it’s hard work.

Obviously, the foundation for having a v cut is well developed abdominal and oblique muscles. There are any number of effective ab and oblique workouts that will build these muscles.

But much like showcasing six pack abs, the v cut is only visible with lower body fat percentages. I recommend meeting with a trainer or healthcare professional to get your body fat measured. Generally, you’ll need to target a number below 10% - which is no small feat.

Once you know your starting body fat percentage, create a plan for reducing it through intense exercise and diet. Diets rich in steamed veggies, lean meats, nuts, healthy salads, fruits, berries and some complex carbohydrates are helpful in reducing body fat. Fried foods, alcohol, pastries, sugary foods and simple carbohydrates (like those found in pasta), are to be minimized.

Though it takes time to lean out, there’s really no magic to achieving the v cut. It’s just a question of how badly you want it - and if you’re willing to put in the work.

Davey Wavey