Should I Wear A Jockstrap To The Gym?

Dear Davey,

I’m new to the gym and, quite frankly, I need all the help that I can get. When I was a young guy in sports, I remember that a lot of my teammates would wear jockstraps. Since I’m working out again, is there any advantage to exercising in a jockstrap?


598652510_tpHey Bill,

I couldn’t be more excited for an excuse to talk about jockstraps!

But first, let’s have an educational moment.

As best I can tell, jockstraps were invented in the mid 1870s by a Chicago sporting goods company. They were popular among the bicycle jockeys that rode the cobblestone streets of Boston. With an open backside and a pouch in the front, jockstraps provided an element of safety and support, and kept things nicely in place for the jockeys. Over the years, jockstraps became more popular with athletes and were often fitted with a cup for extra protection.

In essence, men wear jockstraps for the same reason that women wear bras.

7be5fb77ded9eb430161ad3f3c7b47b4But times have changed, and there are more modern options. For those of us not engaging in high-risk sports, simple compression shorts or athletic underwear are a more supportive and comfortable choice. Today, there are hundreds of brands and underwear styles specifically designed and engineered to help you get the most out of your workout.

So are jockstraps a relic of the past? Not exactly. Some men still opt for jockstraps because, let’s face it, they’re sexy. And the open backside is convenient for other, non-gym activities. Wink, wink.

So while modern athletic underwear may be a more functional choice, wearing a jockstrap just might give you that extra boost of confidence and pep in your step. If that’s the case, more power to you.

And send me a picture.


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  1. dear Davey im a big guy tying to lose weight and im going to be taking a weight training class my next semester in school and was wondering if there was any kind of preparations I should do before I take the class

    • What you will need most of all is resistence. So if you want to prepare, try doing simple excercises at home. You do not need to get together a complete workout. But you need to get used to push yourself. I know its hard, I still have problems with it myself.

      But when you do weighttraining, you cannot just give up a excercise, because you are tired. You have to stop, because your body honestly cannot move that weight anymore. Its literally mind over matter or body in this case.

      • thanks for the advice dom I have already started pushing myself with trying to walk as far as possible before I cant go anymore and im doing pretty good with it

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  3. Kyle Kiser says:

    That picture you used is a friend of mine in NC. Too funny. Love all of your blogs Davey!

  4. the amount of support you need depends on what you do in the gym. If you’re lifting, running, or doing some other kind of cardio, briefs are fine. I know some exhibitionists who go commando when they’re lifting. I wouldn’t recommend it for running, especially if you have low-hangers like me.

    Unfortunately the old-fashioned jock-strap seems on its way to being strictly a gay erotic undergarment. Most athletes these days opt for some kind of compression short, many of which have pouches for protective cups.

  5. Yes I never hit the gym without wearing my jockstrap I have noticed a lot of men today are starting to wear jockstraps more and more the benefits are really important