4 Exercise Phrases to Replace NOW!

Our words have a lot of power.

They might not change reality - but they can change your perception of reality. And that’s a pretty big deal. As such, it’s important to choose words wisely.

14410557274_d803a6b38c_zChoosing words wisely is especially important when it comes to health and fitness. Through the words we express, we can dramatically shift our experience of exercise - and, ultimately, our results. To that end, I’ve picked a few key fitness phrases to replace in your vocabulary.

  1. “I hate this exercise.” When we say that we hate an exercise, what we usually mean is that it’s difficult. And if an exercise is difficult, that’s a good indication that we need to do more of it. Let’s be clear: You’re at the gym to exercise and get stronger. To get stronger, we need to challenge ourselves - and it’s these difficult exercises that help ensure results. Rather than hating difficult exercises, embrace them! Don’t hate the exercise, love it!
  2. “I want to be skinny.” The dictionary defines skinny as “lacking sufficient flesh; very thin; emaciated.” Despite the images we see and the messages we hear, skinny isn’t a wise fitness goal. Instead of aspiring to be scrawny or gaunt, let’s work towards healthy, strong, athletic or fit. There are so many words more deserving of our attention.
  3. “I need to go to the gym.” When you say it like that, going to the gym sounds like a chore. And if it sounds like a chore, it will feel like a chore. Going to the gym isn’t something to dread. On the contrary, going to the gym is a tremendous gift to your body - and it’s a step in the direction of your goals. You don’t need to go to the gym. You want to go to the gym and to experience its benefits.
  4. “I’ll never look like that.” Why in the world would you root against your goals and your body? By feeding yourself negative sentiments, you’re fighting against the reality you want to create. Instead of building walls up, knock them down. Be your biggest cheerleader. Rather than focusing on the ‘nevers’, bring your attention to the changes that you can and will make - and let each day be a step in the direction of your goals.

At the end of the day, what you tell yourself and the people around you becomes your truth. So let’s use language that keeps us in alignment with the truth we want and the goals we wish to achieve. Bring awareness to what you listen to, what you tell yourself and what you tell others.

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  1. Sweetie, I’m not going to lie. I’m fat. I’ve been fat all my life. And though I know going to the gym is good for me… it definitely IS a chore. I hate every minute of it… and it’s not that this or that exercise is “hard;” it’s plain boring. So for me, having to go to the gym (and yes, I have to go… I don’t want to go) is something I do because I know it’s good for me, not because i like it.

    And no matter how hard I work out, or how often I go, I never seem to see any results. I think guys with bods like yours fell in love with the results and learned to love it. It’s darn hard to keep going back if all you see is a few pounds being lost after all that work.

    Sorry if I sound bitchy… it just struck a chord.

    • Hello, Fernando! Well, if exercising is not helping you, let me ask: how about your diet? Are you eating less calories than you’re burning when you go to the gym? And how often are you going to the gym, too?

      Anyway, if you don’t like to go to the gym, maybe you could try another physical activity that would be more enjoyable to you, like swimming or dancing.

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