How Much Sugar Does the Average American Eat?

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 11.43.54 AMSugar is sweet - but the more you eat, the more you increase your risk for ailments and diseases like diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and more.

Despite the toxicity of added sugar, most of us eat a lot of it. And I mean A LOT.

If you’re up for watching a very disturbing visualization of all the added sugar we eat - watch this video that I posted to the Davey Wavey Fitness YouTube channel. I hope that it inspires all of us to make some much-needed changes in the foods we eat.

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  1. I recently found out that a close relative has diabetes. I had planning on making a change in my eating habits but this was the kick I needed. I cut soda almost month ago. cool to actually see how much sugar i was consuming. Love the vid as always

  2. I started following a Paleo eating style in the beginning of the year. I quit eating grains, potatoes, refined sugar and processed foods. Feeling so much better. I also quit weighing myself. I wanted to focus strictly on the nutrition not on weight loss. I figured if I got the first one right the second one would follow. Don’t know for sure how much I’ve lost, but I’m down two full pant sizes and this size is really too loose on me now. Great stuff Davey!

  3. Benjamin Mei says:

    Really enjoyed this episode about how much sugar does one consume? Well If your a sweet tooth or a guzzling soda head case what are the things you can do to replace your craving for sweets?

  4. Robert C. Visconti says:

    Hey Mr. Wavey, I gave up soft drinks (sodas) years before they started putting the calories in bold numbers on the front of the can. They did the same thing with cigarettes, and how many people stopped smoking? I never smoked (unless you count the two half Parliaments that I was offered when I was 18 (and when I was military any brand was 25 cents a pack in North Carolina). I didn’t like the taste, didn’t like the smell on my clothes, nor the way my breakfast tasted the next morning. It all depends on how much you are willing to give up to look like everyone else. I was never willing to give up a healthy lifestyle, and I guess I’ve always been a bit unique. I’ve been to too many funerals, nursed too many friends, lost too many friends to change my stripes now. I appreciate your attempts to make us all healthier. I’m glad helping others to accept themselves, and to push health as a fulfilling lifestyle even for those of us that don’t follow the straight lifestyle, is a lucrative vocation. Too many of us think of ourselves as second class citizens. I’m not too obvious, but brother don’t pull my chain, you’ll get more than you bargained for. Fondly, A Fan


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