How Much Sugar Is Really In Your Food?

Sugar-1Sugar, sugar everywhere. Even in places you might not expect it. Like barbeque sauce. Or vitamin water. Or ketchup. The truth is, our diets are loaded with added sugars.

It’s not always easy to decipher nutrition information on the products we consume. It’s hard to put things in perspective without some sort of context.

Ketchup is a perfect example. One serving of ketchup has 3.7 grams of sugar. That doesn’t sound like a lot - but what does it really mean? First, notice the serving size - which is a fairly modest one tablespoon. Second, know that 4 grams of sugar is equivalent to one teaspoon. Since there are only 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon, nearly a third of ketchup is just sugar.

Cow’s milk is another high sugar culprit. One cup of 1% low fat milk has 13 grams of sugar. Compared to the 33 grams in a can of coke, it doesn’t sound like much. But remembering our teaspoon conversion (4 grams of sugar = one teaspoon), that’s more than 3 teaspoons in a single glass of milk! And this is one of the many reasons that I’ve switched to unsweetened almond milk which has exactly zero grams of sugar.

Americans eat an average of 22 teaspoons of sugar per day. By paying attention to the nutrition information in the foods we eat - and understanding what that nutrition information actually means - we can take the first big step in cutting that statistic.

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  1. Sheldonblanc Dietitian-Nutritionist says:

    Please be reminded that there are three type of dietary sugars namely glucose, fructose, and galactose. You can also call these as monosacharides. Your depiction and analysis of sugars are very misleading and superficial. Our body needs about 50-70% of our toral caloric needs from sugar. Our brain only uses glucose to function. So yes, there is a reason why sugar is practically everywhere.

  2. But it is not misleading in that the picture displays only food we should not be consuming if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Davey is not exclude high-sugar food such as fruit and is not saying to cut sugar completely. The truth is, sugar is a necessary and practically unavoidable additive in our food. What we need to question is whether or not drinking a bottle of Mountain Dew or smothering our food in ketchup is going to benefit our bodies or cost us. Maybe we should look as soda as a sweet treat and reduce our consumption in favor of a sugar-free drink to quench our thirst on a regular day. Reward yourself with a candy bar once a month instead of once a day. That, I think, is the direction Davey is directing readers.

    • sheldonblanc says:

      And I just read a comment from a guy in facebook that he will avoid milk because it has high sugar content. Yes. You are right. That is what you THINK. 😉

  3. sheldonblanc says:

    Another thing that flips me off really hard about this article is you compared MILK to SODA!! Can’t even…. I just… UGH!! Really frustrating. How can those two be comparable? Sodas generally contains a high amount of fructose. On the other hand, milk consist of proteins, fats, LACTOSE (to be exact on which sugar you refer to), vitamins and minerals.

    I like you daveywavey from some of your quirky and funny youtube videos, but this is not your strongest suit. Consult with an EXPERT first before you write articles like this. BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT ON DIET AND NUTRITION

  4. christopher says:

    here is my normal daily routine-plain oatmeal-beans for lunch-chicken-beef-pork-fish for dinner with veggies.a banana or apple-peanuts to snack on.sparkling flavoured water.there-youve eliminated sugar-except for the fruit.

  5. DoofusWoofus says:

    Oh my goood, like sugar has even made it’s way into plants! How long has that photosynthesis thing been going on?? When will this sugar thing get under control???

  6. jimmycurry01 says:

    Davey, I have been a fan of yours for years. You are often funny and quirky, but this article makes you look irresponsible, or at the very least, uninformed. The distinction between sugars and what each sugar does in your body is very important. Being high in lactose is not the same as being high in sucrose. These are two completely different disaccharides that should be contrasted with one another rather than compared to one another. I would recommend that you revise this article in order to give readers the most accurate information as is possible.

  7. I don’t see the problem everyone has with this article. He is just pointing out that we should know how much sugar are in the things we eat, not that we have to cut them out completely. Everyone is exaggerating. Calm yourselves. He is just saying that we have to keep being informed on what we put in our bodies, not demanding that we not eat these things ever. All that extra info is our responsibility to research not Daveys.

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