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How to Reach Your Fitness Goals.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” - Lao Tzu

Though the above quote works on many levels, I love how it applies to fitness.

My posture isn’t the best; I tend to walk on the outside edge of my feet with the toes pigeoned slightly outward. I often lock my knees and roll my shoulders forward. Such seemingly minor (and relatively unnoticeable) dysfunctions might not seem significant - but when they’re multiplied by the thousands of steps that I take each day, a path emerges.

Moreover, I’m an avid runner. Running several miles a day takes a toll on the human body and serves to further amplify my body’s dysfunctions.

As Lao Tzu reminds me, if I continue on my current path, I’ll probably get where I’m heading. And where I’m heading is in the direction of debilitating injury or joint replacements. It might not happen today - but as you extend the timeline of life further out, the likelihood of injury increases exponentially.

When looking through the lens of time, where I’m heading becomes clear. And so I’ve taken Lao Tzu’s advice and changed my direction. While I continue to run and exercise in the ways that I enjoy, I’ve incorporated Pilates and yoga into my fitness program. Such practices increase my flexibility and help to improve and correct my posture and various dysfunctions.

It begs the question: Where are you heading? Perhaps you’re heading in the direction of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Or perhaps in the direction of becoming obsessively thin. Or perhaps towards stalled or plateaued results due to a stale routine. The destination is different for all of us.

If where you’re heading isn’t where you want to be, ask yourself: What can I do to change course?

Tell me where you are heading in the comments below. I’ll select a random commentator to win a free copy of my Ultimate Guide to Working Out; it will help you get where you want to go. 🙂