How to Reach Your Fitness Goals.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” - Lao Tzu

Though the above quote works on many levels, I love how it applies to fitness.

My posture isn’t the best; I tend to walk on the outside edge of my feet with the toes pigeoned slightly outward. I often lock my knees and roll my shoulders forward. Such seemingly minor (and relatively unnoticeable) dysfunctions might not seem significant - but when they’re multiplied by the thousands of steps that I take each day, a path emerges.

Moreover, I’m an avid runner. Running several miles a day takes a toll on the human body and serves to further amplify my body’s dysfunctions.

As Lao Tzu reminds me, if I continue on my current path, I’ll probably get where I’m heading. And where I’m heading is in the direction of debilitating injury or joint replacements. It might not happen today - but as you extend the timeline of life further out, the likelihood of injury increases exponentially.

When looking through the lens of time, where I’m heading becomes clear. And so I’ve taken Lao Tzu’s advice and changed my direction. While I continue to run and exercise in the ways that I enjoy, I’ve incorporated Pilates and yoga into my fitness program. Such practices increase my flexibility and help to improve and correct my posture and various dysfunctions.

It begs the question: Where are you heading? Perhaps you’re heading in the direction of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Or perhaps in the direction of becoming obsessively thin. Or perhaps towards stalled or plateaued results due to a stale routine. The destination is different for all of us.

If where you’re heading isn’t where you want to be, ask yourself: What can I do to change course?

Tell me where you are heading in the comments below. I’ll select a random commentator to win a free copy of my Ultimate Guide to Working Out; it will help you get where you want to go. 🙂

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  1. Brian Endicott says:

    My Greatest fear is that i am heading in the path of my dad. a little over a year before his accidental death this past fall he had quadruple bypass surgery which worsened his diabetes, his blood flow increased and he could feel the pain from his SEVERE diabetes. 3years ago I ran everyday sometimes 8 to 10 miles a day. Then I feel in love and lost focus on my health. Now it’s extremely hard for me to get motivated to get back to it. I have gained 45 lbs and am not sure where to start or how to get there!

  2. Remaining and fixing a good posture is quite hard to do. Tho having a strong core. helps. PS I <3 you davey.

  3. I’m heading…nowhere? I go through phases where I stay committed to working out and eating (at least sort of) right, but then life will happen. If I go two days without working out, it’ll turn into two weeks before I get so frustrated with myself. It turns into two weeks on, two weeks off. I want to be fit and healthy, but I don’t know how to stay on track when other things come up.

  4. I’m heading to the fridge for a pizza!

  5. At the moment I am stalled. I started working out at home in March this year. Very basic I as had been inactive for several years. I have diabetes & when I started a balanced diet & eating 3 meals a day plus small snack my metabolism came back to life & I began losing a couple of pounds per month. I’ve gone from 335lbs to 243lbs, from a 56″ to 44″. My goal was to start to add muscle and slowly increase cardio. For various reasons I’ve derailed & am trying to get back to a routine without much success.

  6. Since I was a small child, I was headed down the path of obesity. Having met that end before I was even out of high school, I am fortunately both young enough and still otherwise healthy enough to lose the weight and change my life as there have been few other added issues. One year ago I decided to alter my course. I decided to get healthy and to love my body, all of it. Now, I’m 100lbs lighter and still losing. I eat far less, far healthier, and work out daily, whether it’s walking my dog, swimming, or working out inside to improve myself and better my future.

    This path will last me a great many years and I’m excited for where it will take me!

  7. I’m headed in the same direction as the majority of my family. On my dad’s side of the family, his mother laid in her bed because she was so severely overweight with diabetes. My dad is not that bad but he weighs 330 lbs. On my mom’s side of the family, her mother weighs around 300 lbs. but she doesn’t have diabetes. She does have tons of other medical problems that probably stems from her weight and some her age. My mom’s dad died when she was 14 from a heart attack.

    Now to me, I weight 285 lbs. at 5’9″ at 22 years old. Up until about 2nd or 3rd grade, I was active. I was always outside doing something. Then I was introduced to Pokemon. From then on, I was always playing video games and was overweight. If I don’t get my weight under control, I’ll end up like most of my family. My goal is to be around 200-220 lbs. eventually.

    I’ve tried working out, changing my eating habits, even cut soda out completely for a new year’s resolution a few years back. I get so discouraged after working out and changing my eating habits after a two or so weeks when I don’t see significant results. I have managed to maintain this weight for 3-4 years now, I just can’t manage to lose it and I’m losing the motivation to even try.

  8. Ive gone up & down with my weight since I was 16. At my lightest adult weight in recent years I’ve come in at 210 At my heaviest 350. Let me add that I am 6 feet tall, male & in musical theatre. I carry the weight well. I run on an elliptical, do yoga, pilates & weight training, & I go for long walks after dinner. My vitals are good. No bad plaque buildup, good blood pressure etc. However my late night snacking is killer to my waist line. So I changed my direction & cut out the late eating. It is already changing my mood & waist. This blog is helping me to keep going. Thank you Davey for your inspiration!

  9. Lately I’ve been feeling more confident in myself since I’ve began eating healthier and exercising more. I’ve lost some weight and have been told I look better than I ever have before. My problem lies in the fact that I have always been a very self-conscious person and I feel like no matter what results I get, I won’t be happy. Since I’m freshly out of the closet to my friends and family, I’m feeling more pressure than ever to look good and show them that I’m doing well and am successful. I guess my thinking is flawed in the sense that just because I appear healthier and happier to my family, doesn’t mean I actually am.
    I’ve been skipping meals the last little while and have even started abusing laxatives. I understand that I’m doing more harm than good, but I can’t help it. My aunt who I am very close to suffers from a combination of anorexia and bulimia and I’m getting scared that I’m following in her footsteps. I have booked an appointment with my doctor to talk about all this because I don’t like the path I’m heading down and thankfully, I’ve realized how flawwed my thinking is before its gotten really bad. I’ve got the best friends in the world, and for that, I am blessed. I am determined to break these awful habits and with the help and support of such awesome people in my life, I know I’ll be successful.

  10. Onur Keskin says:

    I think workoholism, sleeping pills and antidepressants await me. Of course I try to change my direction as much as possible by putting some energy into sports and my social life and meditating but I have to admit it’s not very seldom that I say “I’ve too much to do and no time for any of this.” :/
    Know that I’ll engage in group activities where I can’t say ‘not now’.

  11. I’m trying to head towards a body and lifestyle that I am nothing but proud on. I have stopped trying to be like magazines and bodybuilders and just want to improve my fitness and be the best person that I can be.

  12. I’m pretty sure I’m headed towards a stronger, fitter body that weighs significantly less. Its going to be a hard road, but I’ve made progress already. Yey for me.

  13. christopher says:

    im heading towards continued weight loss-eating right-no prepared chemical laced food-i cook and control what i eat.get exercise-oh-no salt in diet.ive dropped four pant sizes-legs arent swollen anymore.i shall continue forward progress-i need upper body strength-firm up the core-im well on the way.ive learned the hard way over these years.results are now paying off.and cut out the carbs as well.

  14. JEAN HELIOS says:

    Hello Davey,

    I am also very surprised at the benefits that Pilates can bring in posture, coordination, self esteem and plainly get in touch with ones body.

    In addition to working out at the gym 3 times per week I do my Pilates every morning, and keep track with sain eating habits.

    Rather than doing this to look a certain way,now I feel motivated by the spiritual benefits and peace that working out brings me.

    These guidelines are like rails taking me towards becoming the best person I can ever be and fulfill more of my human potential.

    I practice meditation and feel gratitude towards Life, the Source, the Light, God, whatever…for healing everyday of my past and growing in self love and confidence.

    You are a great source of inspiration in this path of awakening an initiation and I thank you, Davey.

    Greetings from France.