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5 Amazing Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout!

Hey Davey,

I’m 19 years old and I used to be really comfortable with my body. However, when I started University nearly 2 years ago I have put on some weight. I think this was due to all the alcohol, junk food and fast food that’s associated with students. I have an exercise bike and a couple of weights. However, I just completely lack motivation to do any exercise. After about 10 minutes of exercising, I find myself exhausted. I was just wandering if you have any tips on how I can motivate myself to do more exercise?

Thanks so much!

374115_312531762152820_819806811_nDear Andrew,

Every now and then, some of us need that extra kick in the butt to get us moving.

The truth is, getting started and making exercise part of your routine is the hardest step. That’s because, as human beings, we are resistant to change. And integrating exercise into our lives means shifting around priorities and schedules; it means making real changes. To help get through this initial period, motivation is essential.

Here are a few motivation techniques that have worked for me:

  1. Ask yourself, “Why is this important?” All of us have our reasons for exercise. Maybe you want more energy. Or better health. Or to look a certain way. Whatever your reason, let this drive you forward. If you want it bad enough, it’ll get you moving.
  2. Think about how you feel after you exercise. Sure, exercise is difficult and sweaty. But after a workout, you always feel great. There’s a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride - knowing that you challenged yourself and did something great for your body. You know that exercise will make you feel great, so do it!
  3. Do it for your body. Every day, you take in 24,000 breaths and your heart beats more than 100,000 times. Your body works tirelessly to sustain your existence. Your body has given you so much; it’s time to give back. With hundreds of muscles and 360 joints, there’s nothing your body craves more than movement. Honor your body by giving it the gift of exercise.
  4. Do it because you love your family and friends. There are two parts to this. First, exercise extends your life expectancy. As you embrace a healthier lifestyle, you’ll live longer. That means more times with friends, family, nieces, nephews and so on. Second, regular exercise provides a number of benefits (like more energy, better health, improved focus, etc.) that allow you to be the best version of yourself. When you are the best that you can be, you have so much more to offer the people around you.
  5. It’s great “me” time. All us have busy schedules or work, family, friends, personal commitments, appointments and so on. But we also need personal time to recharge and to invest in ourselves - and exercise is a great form of that. It’s an unselfish way to prioritize yourself.

There’s good news, too. Eventually, committing to regular exercise gets easier as it becomes your new routine. For me, it’s a habit. I wake up, brush my teeth and then head to the gym. More than being motivated, I’ve created a habit - and habits are much easier to keep.


Lost 40 Pounds In One Month…

Dear Davey,

I’ve struggled with obesity since childhood. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve been paying more attention to my body.

In the last month, I’ve managed to lose 40 pounds by not eating. I know that you need to eat to survive, but I want to continue getting results. What advice do you have?


Smaller_Plate_Wont_Help_Your_Diet_Research_ShowsHey Jason,

Thanks for the email.

I have to say, you are playing a very dangerous game - and, it’s one that you’ll inevitably lose without a dramatic change in your habits and the guidance of professional help.

Despite all the science that demonstrates otherwise, many people resort to starvation as a weight loss technique. As you’ve discovered, it does yield initial results; if you stop eating, you’ll lose weight. But the problems with this approach are many.

For one, you’re slowing your metabolism. Your metabolism determines how many calories your body burns on a daily basis. Because your body is starving (generally 1,000 calories or less per day), it will do everything it can to reduce its calorie consumption. Eventually, you’ll need to start eating again - and, when you do, your metabolism will lag. With a reduced daily calorie burn, all those extra calories from food will be packed on as fat. The resulting weight gain, in many instances, exceeds the initial weight loss.

No to mention the dramatic impact of nutritional deficiencies.

We also know that diet AND exercise are required for best results. By just practicing one or the other, you’re selling yourself short. Though diet alone can result in weight loss, exercise is required to ensure that the lost weight is mostly fat and not muscle. It takes a lot of energy to maintain muscles - and our bodies are very efficient machines. If you’re not using your muscles during periods of calorie restriction and weight loss, you’ll be quick to lose them.

You mentioned that you’re paying more attention to your body. That’s important. But don’t just pay attention to how your body looks; pay attention to what your body is telling you. If your body is hungry or weak or tired, then listen to these crucial messages - and act on them. Feed your body with the foods it really craves, like a delicious, colorful salad or some lean meats and vegetables. As you fuel your body with nourishing foods, pay attention to how your body feels.

I’d also suggest giving yourself the gift of professional help. It is absolutely worth your time, money and effort to work with a nutritionist, weight loss specialist or healthcare professional. After all, you only get one body. Let’s keep it in a good, working condition.


Fitness Is Like A Boyfriend…

jessieFitness, in many ways, is like having a boyfriend.

Both fitness and relationships are matters of priorities. If you want your relationship to work, then you need to make an investment of time, energy and effort. In the same way, you’ll only see results on the gym if it’s a priority in your life. None of us have time to work out; we make time to work out. And sometimes, that means making sacrifices and not doing some of the other things we might want to do - like watching Game of Thrones.

When someone said that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going, he or she may have had relationships in mind. In many ways, arriving at a fruitful relationship isn’t something that happens overnight. It can be a long journey. Similarly, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes at the gym - despite all the marketing gimmicks you might see along the way. It’s about exercise, nutrition and building a healthier relationship with your body.

You can’t cheat on a relationship and expect it to work. Being deceptive poisons a relationship and builds a wall between you and your partner. When it comes to fitness, cheating comes in many forms. It can be skipping workouts, not using a full range of motion in your exercises or not following a proper nutrition plan. When you cheat on fitness, don’t expect it to work. It builds a widening gap between you and the results you want.

Sure, the gym won’t hold your hand or kiss you goodnight…. But just like a relationship, the gym can change your life. It can help shape your character and teach you that you’re far stronger - both physically and emotionally - than you ever thought possible. Creating the body you’ve always wanted can inspire you and others and it helps enable you to live your best life.

Have You Thanked Your Body Today?

sev-fitspiration-2-deIf someone extends the simplest act of kindness to you by, for example, holding open a door, you’d probably thank them. It’s just common courtesy.

But what about something much, much bigger? Instead of giving up their seat on the train or letting you go first in line, what if someone - or something - did something truly extraordinary?

Each and every day, your body performs trillions of functions to sustain your life. It does this without a complaint or grumble. It never takes a day off. There are no vacations or overtime. There aren’t even any breaks. From the womb to the tomb, your body is your constant and tireless companion on this human journey.

But instead of thanking our bodies, we usually do the exact opposite. Have you ever looked in the mirror and hated what you saw? Have you ever ridiculed your body for being too fat? For having a big nose? For being too pale or too this or too that. The list is endless.

It’s like someone holding the door open for you and then punching them in the face. It just doesn’t make sense.

By replacing negative self talk with a more positive narrative, you begin to improve and repair your relationship with your body. And as you feed your body a diet of positivity, you’ll notice that it becomes much easier to make decisions that honor it. Working out and eating smarter become natural because your body deserves movement and nourishment. A healthier life becomes almost effortless.

So it all begs the question: Have you thanked your body today? If you haven’t, do it. Right now.

Exercise Boosts Creativity & Inspiration!

Creativity_NithyanandaOver the last six and a half years, I’ve published something like 700 YouTube videos on three different channels. People often ask how I continue to come up with so many ideas, but - in a world as interesting as ours - I feel like I’m just scratching the surface.

Nonetheless, generating so much content does take some creativity, and I’ve always wondered if physical activity (i.e., exercise) helps boost that creativity. After all, we know that authors like Søren Kierkegaard, Henry James and Thomas Mann all took walks before writing… so is there really something to it?

To get some answers, a cognitive psychologist named Lorenza Colta studied the impact of physical activity on divergent thinking and convergent thinking, two ingredients of creativity. While divergent thinking means coming up with as many solutions for a given problem (in this case, list all possible uses for a pen), convergent thinking involves one correct solution for a given problem (in this case, finding the common link between three dissimilar words).

According to the data, frequent exercisers outperformed individuals who didn’t exercise regularly. In other words, physical activity may help the mind think creatively.

In my own personal experience, I’ve found that exercise also quiets my mind. Whether it’s running on a treadmill or performing repetitions, exercise can be like a waking meditation resulting in mental stillness. When the mind is turbulent, insights are lost in the craziness. It’s like throwing a stone into a raging ocean. But when an insight strikes a quiet mind, it’s like dropping a stone into a still pond.

In new and striking ways, we continue to learn that exercise isn’t just good for the body. It’s good for the mind. And that the connection between our bodies and our minds is far deeper and more complex than many of us imagined.

Easy Way to Eat Healthy!

photoOne of my favorite fitness gurus is a YouTuber/yoga instructor/mother of four kids/backyard farmer named Rebekah Borucki. She’s an endless source of inspiration and her Instagram is basically the best thing since unsweetened almond milk.

The other day, Rebekah Instagrammed a quote that I want to share:

When coming from a place of self-love & not denial or punishment, all eating decisions become effortless & worthy of you.

Consider the following scenarios.

John walks by a pizza shop serving fresh slices. He’s hungry - and he’s tempted by the crispy pepperonis, melted cheese and oozing greasiness. He thinks to himself, “I really want to eat that pizza but I know that I shouldn’t.” He knows that he’s trying to cut calories and the pizza won’t help. Though he desperately wants to eat a slice or two, he musters up his willpower, denies himself the pizza and manages to continue on his walk.

Anna walks by the same pizza shop and sees the same slices. She is also on a weight loss journey, but is immediately reminded of the important roles that her body fulfills. While she has her ups and downs, she knows that her body is beautiful in its own right and that it is deserving of the very best. She knows that junk food is for junk bodies - and that her body is worthy of so much more. An effortless and knowing smile comes to her face, and she continues on her walk.

While neither individual ate the pizza, it’s clear that Anna’s experience is one that’s centered around true power. Rather than wrestling with denial or deprivation, Anna’s perspective comes from an abundance of self-love and worthiness. Not only does it help foster a healthier mindset, but it’s a perspective that is sustainable - and one that can result in powerful life changes.

So… If a healthier lifestyle is one of your goals, with whom do you wish to identify? John? Or Anna? The choice is always yours.

Morning Workout Mantra.

Clear-Your-Mind-of-Cant1_0A mantra is a sound, word or phrase that is used as an instrument of the mind - usually to enter a state of meditation. It can help us slip into the space between our thoughts.

Beyond meditation, I like using mantras as a way to slip into a more motivated mood. For when I need an extra kick in the butt, I’ve put together the following workout mantra. Some of the words are from me. Some are borrowed from others. Either way, it’s wisdom that works.

Today is a brand new day. It’s a fresh start that isn’t defined by yesterday’s limitations. So release any negative thoughts. Replace I can’t with I can and I do.

Today, think happy thoughts. Happy thoughts become nourishing actions. Nourishing actions lead to constructive habits. Constructive habits create a long and healthy life.

Today, eat well. Laugh. Move often. Hydrate well. Sleep eight hours. Sweat. Be kind to myself and others. Thank my body. Look in the mirror and tell myself that I am beautiful. And repeat this everyday for life.

I am inspired. And I am inspiring. By letting my radiance and power shine, I lift up others to do the same.

Now get up and be glorious!

If my mantra resonates with you, feel free to use it or make it your own.

What other words or phrases would you include in your workout mantra? Let me know in the comments below!


Impossible = I’m Possible!

PossibleWhat’s impossible?

Landing a man on the moon? Running 100 meters in 9.58 seconds? Tubes of aluminum carrying passengers through the atmosphere? A black American president? Powering a city with the energy of a split atom?

Enter Apollo 11, Usain Bolt, airplanes, Barack Obama and nuclear power.

We all tell ourselves stories about what’s possible and what’s not. And then we use these stories as excuses that keep us from creating the life we really want.

For each of us, the story is different. Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight in the past, and your story is that you’ll always be overweight. You might think losing weight is impossible for you. Or maybe you’re in your 60s or 70s and think it’s impossible to get into shape at your age. Whatever the story is, the outcome is always the same: Unrealized desires and untapped potential.

Here’s the thing… Whatever “it” is, it is not impossible. Challenging? Maybe. Will it require doing something different? Probably. But impossible? No.

In fact, concealed in the word “impossible” is a hidden truth. The word itself says, “I’m possible.”

By viewing your fitness goals as a possibility, you remove yourself - and your thoughts - as an obstacle, and thus free yourself from the prison of limiting beliefs.

The “Beach Body” Alternative!

Today’s guest post is by Davey Wavey’s good friend and spiritual weight release coach, Diane Petrella. Diane is also one of the contributors to The Davey Wavey Weight Loss Program.

beach-body-04-mike-sorrentinoOver the past few months you’ve probably seen articles urging you to scramble and get “beach body ready” for summer. While this may appeal to the desire to comfortably wear bathing suits, shorts, and sleeveless clothes, it misses the mark.

Fitness is for all season long, not just for summer. Wearing fewer clothes in hot weather can feel intimidating enough to those who already lack confidence with their bodies.

I have an alternative.

Instead of fretting about having the perfect “beach body”, how about making friends with your body all year long? Here are five promises to make to your body this summer… and to keep forever:

1. I promise to speak to you kindly.
(No self-criticism.)

Negative thoughts create stress in your body. Loving thoughts heal. When you catch yourself saying you look “awful” or you “hate” your body, simply notice without judgment, and say to that thought, “OK, here you are again.” Take a deep breath. Exhale that negative energy. Then say to your body, “I’m sorry for talking to you this way”. Forgive yourself and move on. Stay determined. Changing habits of thought take time. By creating a space of love and forgiveness, the cycle of negativity eventually stops.

2.  I promise to accept you the way you are and hold you with pride.
(Head held high; shoulders back.)

Accepting your body doesn’t mean you settle for being at a weight you’re uncomfortable with. It means you support your body and pledge to take good care of it. One way to show your support is to hold good posture and carry your body with self-respect. If you feel insecure about your body, this may feel unnatural at first. That’s OK. Practice anyway because research shows that when you straighten your posture, you also improve your mood. Add a smile to your face and the feel good hormones in your body come alive. Your body does a lot for you. Acknowledge its gifts by carrying it with dignity and respect.

3. I promise to nourish my body with healthy food and movement.
(And not so healthy food in moderation.)

You already know the importance of healthy nutrition and exercise, right? But sometimes your fear mind may try to sabotage you by ruminating on foods you’re “not supposed to eat.” And while you know you “should” exercise, you may struggle to follow though. Here’s a tip to help transform healthy behaviors into a daily habit. After doing something that typically feels challenging, say to yourself, “That was easy.” For example, say this after eating a wholesome meal and enjoying dessert in moderation or after taking a morning walk before work.  Saying “that was easy” helps encourage new habits because your brain links to “easy”, creating a positive association to something that previously felt difficult.

4. I promise to attend to our soul.
(Activities that calm my mind and bring joy to my heart.)

It’s vital to your health and well-being that you nurture yourself with soul enriching activities that relax your body, rest your mind, and fill your heart with joy. This peaceful state activates healing energies in your body to relieve stress and helps liberate you from relying on food for emotional comfort. Commit to daily “me” time to do those things that bring you inner peace. For example, read an inspiring book, work a craft project, meditate, pray, walk in nature, write in a journal, etc. Discover what makes your heart sing and your whole body will respond with loving appreciation.

5. I promise to go within and ask you what you need.
(Together we’re a blessed team.)

While it’s important to educate yourself from sources that you trust, only you and your body know what’s best for you. Learn to listen to your intuition and body wisdom so you can access this powerful guidance. Every morning take a few moments to be silent and go within. Ask your body, “What do you need from me today so you will feel loved and well-cared for?” Then, honor what you hear and let the whispers of your body light your way.

As you disregard the “beach body” mentality, you’ll discover what matters most about this beautiful partnership with your body. And to help you keep your five promises, be sure to make this important promise to yourself:

“I promise to forgive myself for the times I stumble. I’m human and I’m doing the best I can.”

Will you make these promises to your body?

Simple Trick to Create a Fitness Habit!

57c80cc8894d754a1e99ef7cb16a3d45An object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest. Well, the same is true of our bodies; it’s hard to break our old, sedentary habits and replace them with new, healthier ones.

So try this.

They say it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Clearly, this number is going to vary from person to person depending on a very wide range of factors. But let’s roll with it.

Take 21 post-it notes, use a pen to number them from 1 - 21 and then place them on your wall. Go ahead and do it right now.

For the next 21 days, you’re going to do some sort of physical activity. Some days, you might go to the gym. Other days, you might just take a walk. Or do some jumping jacks or squats in your living room. Or even dance around the room to your favorite songs.

Regardless of the activity, you’ll do something that gets your body moving and your heart pumping. And once you complete the physical activity, take down the post-it note for that day. It’s like a countdown.

After 21 days of physical activity, you’ll have taken a big step in a healthier direction - and you may even have a new habit. After all, a body in motion stays in motion. So let’s get moving!