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5-Minute Killer Lower Ab Workout [Video]

When I exercise my abs, I usually break the workouts into three different days. On one day, I do an oblique workout. On the second day, I do a more standard ab workout with crunches, etc. On the third day, I do a workout that targets my lower abs.

With just five minutes, I managed to cram a number of great lower abdominal exercise into today’s YouTube video via my Davey Wavey Fitness YouTube channel. Check out the video and make sure you subscribe to my fitness channel!

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The Best Lower-Ab Exercise EVER!

When doing a hanging leg raise, it's important to extend the legs all the way up.

Of all the lower ab exercises that exist, one stands out above the rest: The hanging leg raise.

When done right, it’s extremely powerful and effective. Unfortunately, most people quit half-way through each rep - when their legs are only parallel to the floor. To do it right, lift your legs up until they point to the ceiling, and are entirely perpendicular to the floor.

Here’s how to do a proper hanging leg raise:

  1. Locate a vertical bench at your gym. If you don’t have one, then you can do the leg raise while hanging from a pull-up bar (pictured at right).
  2. Raise your legs up as high as possible - much past halfway (anything less is really just a hip flexor exercise). Ideally, your legs should point directly to the ceiling, and the bottom of your spine will curl forward.
  3. Hold for a second, then lower your legs back to the starting position in a controlled manner.
  4. Repeat until fatigued (it shouldn’t take too long!).

Try do do a few sets of hanging leg raises in each of your ab or lower ab workouts.

Also, you may want to try this tip: Once your lower ab muscles become fatigued, simply bend your knees so that your legs are no longer straight. This will make the exercise a bit easier, and continue until your muscles fatigue again.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

How to Get Lower/Bottom Abs.

The human body is beautiful in all its shapes and forms, but there is something especially sexy about a well formed six pack. As it turns out, the bottom half of the six pack is the hardest part to get. So, here are some tips for developing your lower/bottom abs.

Lose the fat

The lower abdomen is where men tend to store fat hormonally. And it’s the last place that we lose it. This fat is incredibly stubborn - and even if your ab muscles are strong, even a small amount of fat will keep them hidden from view. To develop a leaner midsection:

  1. Strength train. Strength training is the best kept fat loss secret. When you strength train, you build muscle. And muscle incinerates calories - often causing a calorie deficit (more calories out than in) that helps people increase definition.
  2. Eat like a caveman. A healthy diet is key. Exercise is important, but don’t forget that nutrition is the other side of that equation. Lean meats, vegetables, nuts, berries, etc. should take center-stage in your diet. For more information about diet and eating like a caveman, check out my Eating for Fitness program.
  3. Interval train. Interval training is incredibly effective at helping people lose weight. It boosts the metabolism for hours and is several times more effective than running at a constant pace. Learn how to do it.

Increase the muscle

99% of unveiling your lower/bottom six pack is shedding the extra fat. But when the fat is gone, you’ll probably want your abs to pop. To that end, make sure you’re doing ab exercises that target that lower area. Exercises like leg lifts, weighted leg lifts and hanging leg raises will do wonders.

Here’s how to do a leg lift:

  1. Lie on your back on the floor.
  2. Extend your legs straight out and keep your arms at your side.
  3. Folding at the pelvis and keeping both legs together, lift your legs off of the floor.
  4. Lift your legs until they are perpendicular to the floor.
  5. Hold, then slowly lower.
  6. Repeat.

Enjoy - let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! And remember to honor your body wherever it’s at. Six pack or not, you’re beautiful. 🙂

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