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4 Ways to Get Motivated to Lose Weight!

Dear Davey,

I’m 14, and bassically obese. What can I do to inspire myself to lose weight?



Thank you for the email.

I, too, was overweight growing up - and so I understand what it takes to transform one’s body and one’s life.

First things first, it’s great that you recognize the importance of self-motivation. While many dieters look for external motivation, I firmly believe that the best kick-in-the-butt comes from within. So here are four ways to get yourself fired up!

1. The “So That” Strategy

Why do you want to lose weight? Get a piece of paper. At the top of the sheet, write the following:

I want to lose weight SO THAT…

Now fill the sheet will all of the many reasons why you want to lose weight. You might want to lose weight so that you’re able to live longer. Or so that you can go hiking or climb a mountain. You might want to lose weight so that you’re able to experience life with improved health. Spend several minutes thinking about all the “so thats” you might have - and record all of them on the piece of paper. The more, the better!

I recommend keeping the paper somewhere visible - like on the fridge or the pantry door.

2. Educate Yourself

A lack of education or understanding often prevents people from embarking on a weight loss journey. There can be an overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start. Moreover, much of the weight loss information seems to be contradictory.

Turns out, a very basic understanding of exercise and nutrition will help demystify weight loss. And in all actuality, the fundamentals are fairly simple - and supported through decades of research.

When it comes to releasing weight, ignorance is not bliss. My “Weight Loss 1o1” article is a great place to start.

3. Play The “If I Do” Game

Find another sheet of paper. Ask yourself the following the question:

What will happen in the next week, month, 6 months, year and 10 years IF I DO take action now to release my extra weight?

Starting with one week, fill the paper with your answers. Indeed, the short and longer-term transformations to both your body and life will be massive - and you could fill many pages with answers. For example, if you do take action to lose weight right now, you may be 10 pounds lighter in another month. You may have lost 5 inches off of your waist in six months. Or you may have overcome diabetes in another year. The list is endless - but make it your own.

Again, keep this list in a visible spot so that you are reminded of it often. This list will help drive you forward and get you back on track.

4. Talk To Your Future Self

In a way, talking to your future self is visualizing the reality you want to create. And while some people might be leery of talking to oneself, it can be a very powerful - and motivating - exercise.

Find a quiet space and give yourself five minutes of quiet time. Close your eyes and imagine your future self in a year or five years - or whatever time frame works best for you.

Ask your future self what he or she did to release the weight. Your future self might say that the transformation came from exercising and focusing on the things that s/he could eat rather than the foods to avoid. Maybe your future self will tell you that s/he fell of the bandwagon many times in trying to lose weight - but that each time it was very important to get back on.

Ask your future self how life is now different. Many of the answers from your “so that” and “if I do” sheets may come up. Through the answers that you receive, let your future self serve as a guide.

So, those are 4 very powerful ways to motivate yourself to lose weight. If you have any other tips or strategies, feel free to share in the comments below!