How to Stay at Your Goal Weight.

Hi Davey!

First and foremost, I just want to say that I’m a huge fan of yours. 🙂 I’ve been working out hard and eating healthy for the past six months and have finally dropped the 40 pounds to get to my goal weight. My question is should I change my workout regimen to stay at my goal weight and do lighter exercises? I want to obviously stay where I am, but I’m not sure how to keep the weight off.


Does reaching your weight loss goal mean it's time to ease up at the gym?

Hey Alex!

Congratulations on reaching your goal weight. Though I’m sure there are many envious blog buddies out there, we’re all happy to celebrate your transformation and achievement!

As you probably know, weight loss occurs when we have a calorie deficit. In other words, we lose weight when we take in (i.e., eat) fewer calories than our bodies burn. By eating smarter and moving more, we’re able to create the calorie deficit that results in weight loss.

For most people, it’s worth noting that the calorie deficit is fairly small and may only be a few hundred calories. Over time, these few hundred calories add up to long term and sustainable weight loss.

Once a goal weight is reached, it’s time to close the calorie deficit. Though easing up on your workout would mean fewer calories burned and thus close the calorie deficit, I’d encourage you to continue pushing yourself and training hard. Going to the gym is a wonderful way to honor your movement-craving body - and it will continue to transform and shape your body. Rather than easing up on your workout, I’d recommend modifying your diet to close the calorie deficit. In all actuality, it probably just means an extra small snack each day.

Again, congratulations on your transformation! I’d wish you good luck on maintaining your weight - but there’s no luck involved. Just continued mindfulness, effort, persistence and dedication!

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  1. Ok, ok… I’ll be the one to drop the bomb. If the guy in the pic was the one to wait for me in bed I’d have no trouble staying at my goal weight *wink* *wink*… There I said it, the word is out.

    Fun and games aside. Congrats on reaching your goal weight, Alex. I’m proud of you and a little envyous 😉

    • I don’t know if I could handle Marc Fit in bed with me. I might just rape him and wouldn’t want him to hate me for that!

  2. All right Marc Fit is the hottest, best built guy you’ve ever had on here. Isn’t he? Just liked him on facebook. Thanks Davey!

  3. christopher says:

    just stick to a good plan to maintain-and dont cheat too much.